Forum Registration Tutorial

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Forum Registration Tutorial

投稿  Yuu on Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:25 pm

Registration Process

1. First click on the 登録 (=register) button

2. You'll be served with a lengthy wall of text stating all the forum rules. Click これらの規約に同意します if you promise you won't break any of these rules in the future.

3. Fill in all empty fields

4. An activation mail will be sent to the mail address provided by you, welcoming you to the J_Friends forums

5. Your username, your password and the activation link are within this mail. Click on the activation link in order to render your account active.

6. When all that's done, you can finally start posting away on our forums! The ログイン (=log in) button is right next to the register button

7. For starters, you could write a short bio about yourself in the introductions section. If you are from another guild and you wish to invite us to an event feel free to do so in the EXTERNAL GUILDS SECTION

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